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Slovenian Wine

Vinakoper Capris Plemenito Rdece


$30.70 $38.37

This blend of merlot, cabernet sauvignon, and pinot noir contributes to an elegant and complex red wine that is dry on the palate.  The...Read more

Vinakoper Capris Refosk


$25.94 $32.42

This red wine is composed of 100% refosk grapes and is fruity and complex. Thanks to its aroma, this wine pairs well with cured...Read more

Vinakoper Purissima Malvazija


$22.54 $28.17

This popular white wine has a distinct taste of citrus fruits. Its golden color makes for a beautiful pour and is a perfect complement...Read more

Vinakoper Sparkling Refosk Rex


$22.86 $28.57

This 100% Refosk based sparkling wine is deep ruby in color, with intense sparkle, is complemented by luscious fruitiness and smoothness. Pairs well with...Read more

Vinakoper Sparkling White Rex


$22.86 $28.57

This delightful white sparkling wine is composed of Malvazija (50%), Chardonnay (30%) and Pinot Blanc (20%) and is a fantastic aperitif.  Best enjoyed on...Read more
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